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Magic Orakul

4.3 ( 5823 ratings )
라이프 스타일 엔터테인먼트
개발자: Zaph, LLC
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Behold the might and wisdom of the ancient Magic Orakul!   Have a question?  Need answers?  Dont know who to ask?  The Orakul knows all, sees all, and generously shares these prophetic visions with you.  Not only is the Orakul wise in the ways of the future, this mighty prognosticator can snatch the question right out of your mind.  Thats right.  You dont need to ask, merely think your question, and the Orakul will reveal the answer.

Revered in ancient cultures, the Orakul once demanded tribute of gold and blood sacrifice.  The ancient wisdom was only attainable by those able to undertake a long and perilous pilgrimage.  Today, with the miracle of modern technology, the prophetic magic of the Orakul can be yours any time, available at the tip of your fingers, in the palm of your hand, on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Act now!  Dont wait!  Dont delay!  And whatever you do, dont make another decision without consulting the Magic Orakul!